PPI Retirement Plan of Kansas (KSR)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years must I work before I am vested under the rules of the Plan?

You are automatically 100% vested as of your first contribution.

I need to take some money out of the Plan to pay on my house and medical bills?

The Plan does not allow any type of in-service distribution. There are no loans or hardship withdrawals from the Plan. You should refer to your Summary Plan Description to learn when you will be eligible to receive benefits from the Plan.

Can I name someone other than my spouse as my primary beneficiary?

Yes, but your spouse must consent to any other primary beneficiary on a Form attached to the Plan’s Beneficiary Form and their signature must be notarized.

I gave this information to the Union Hall. Why do I have it give it to you too?

The Union Hall and the Fund Office are 2 separate offices. Please inform our office at the time you inform the Union Hall. This will insure the changes will be done in a timely matter.

Again refer to your Summary Plan Description or contact C&J Benefit Solutions if you have any questions about the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry Retirement Plan of Kansas (KSR).